Affordable internet marketing solutions
for small and medium-size businesses

Custom Designing New Websites

Building affordable and attractive websites designed to your specifications. Distance is not a problem. Wherever your business is located, Antigua Web Designs will work with your company's existing materials or new material can be created to effectively convey your company's image and message to the interests of your intended audience.

Providing fast, friendly and reliable services at modest pricing and working directly with the customer with the highest level of technical expertise in internet consulting and web development, my goal is to design a custom website for you that is attractive, affordable, well-organized and up to date in information and content that will outperform your competition. A website that is aesthetic in design and cost effective that will steadily drive new customers to your business.

Updating and Makeovers For Existing Websites

Navigating and finding the necessary information you are looking for in a website should be easy. A website should be evaluated on a scheduled basis. By integrating new technologies and updating your website with current information, your website will continue it's usefulness and keep visitors coming back and interested.

Redesigning includes evaluating the information in your website. Redesigning the background, colors, layout and graphics of your website will provide for you a more neat and clean interface, reflecting the natural flow of information throughout your website.

Graphic and Print Design

In addition to web development, we also specialize in all aspects of design, and can help you promote your branding with logo design, business cards, letterheads, brochures, menus and advertising artwork. Antigua Web Designs takes pride in its ability to confidently take projects from concept to completion and continually provide the most original, expressive and imaginative ideas for our clients.

Contact me for further information regarding services in graphic and print design. My standards of excellence enable me to translate outstanding creative designs into winning results for my clients.


Are you in the process of creating a business online? Want to increase your sales? Want to get better ranking results on all the search engines? Antigua Web Designs can give you a positive answer to all of these questions.

From planning and creating a customized SEO friendly shopping cart system that will meet your particular needs to staying ahead on all e-commerce techniques through the development of search engine friendly shopping cart solutions that will bring potential customers directly to your products. Get started today! I welcome you and your business to contact me for further information and receive a free SEO Friendly Shopping Cart quote.

Search Engine Optimization

Antigua Web Designs has developed a proven and proprietary process that is flexible and tailored to your individual website. Search Engine Optimization services that ensure your website will receive relevant, targeted visitors through Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as many other search engines. Each of the Search Engine Optimization services can be dynamically adapted to your business and your objectives as well as the unique challenges and opportunities that your website presents.

All SEO consulting projects start with a research phase so Antigua Web Designs can understand your target market and become familiar with your goals and overall business strategy, applying ethical and proven SEO service methods based on 100% organic natural listings; not pay-per-click or pay for traffic schemes.

Translation Services for Website Design

As the Internet grows in popularity, more people will want to access websites in their native languages. Over 50% of all Internet traffic is from non-English speaking countries. Your website can be developed to show a truly global Internet presence either by having your entire website translated, or just the key pages.

Hosting Your Website

Antigua Web Designs works in partnerships with local hosting services that provide SSL certification, dedicated servers, server co-location, free marketing advice, content management and programming. Knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff who are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding hosting solutions for your website.

The internet will definitely benefit small and medium sized businesses. Advertising 7 days a week, 24 hours a day continuously online, your business will now be able to compete with larger companies on the same level. The opportunities are out there for your business over the Internet and by establishing an online presence for yourself assures you that your business stays competitive.

Domain Name Registration For Your New Website

Antigua Web Designs can help you register your web address directly with Network Solutions, the organization that manages all website domain names on your behalf. Remember that a domain name is a first step in establishing your brand online. Register a domain name that reflects your company or product name. A short and catchy domain name will make it easier for your customers to remember. Try to use two or three short words and keep it easy to spell and pronounce.

Select a name that reflects what your business is all about; this will help customers find you online. Try using an action phrase that describes your business. These keywords will also help your search engine ranking. Search engines typically give higher ranking to websites which contain descriptive words in their domain name.

Social Media Marketing

Antigua Web Designs can achieve for your business a public following by building your brand's online presence in a unique way which stands out above the rest. Maximizing your social media presence through both creative graphic design and with consistent content will ensure you gain a loyal following which ultimately results in a larger marketing platform with more potential clients.

Your business will gain exposure through many different social media and social bookmarking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Information relating to your products and services presented through social media will ensure that you become well recognized throughout the web and continue to rise in search engine results leading to greater success both online and offline.